About Us

Legend has it that CliC glasses began as a NASA project designed for astronauts who, during their missions, could not wear normal glasses with laces or chains due to the force of gravity.
Today CliC is the only magnetic eyewear made with high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques: the elasticity and shock-resistance of polycarbonate, combined with the extreme durability of the CE patented neodymium magnet, tested in a wind tunnel to withstand a detachment at 208 km/h, make it an extremely useful product in everyday life.
CliC, with 20 years of patent protection, is the world’s leading presbyopia eyewear, sold in more than 146 countries.


When a sound becomes a brand.
CliC Eyewear has revolutionised the reading glasses market, offering a functional and trendy alternative to the usual presbyopia glasses with a perfect balance between style and convenience.
Thanks to its unique magnetic connection system and headband, CliC offers a comfortable and elegant solution for those wearing and taking off their glasses frequently during the day. This system guarantees maximum wearing comfort, thanks also to the extendable temples, eliminating the risk of dropping or losing the glasses.
The collections feature a wide range of frames, from classic rectangular to pantoscopic shapes, up to square ones for a wider field of view. Made with the highest quality materials such as TR90, steel and acetate, these glasses are durable and long-lasting.
The models have gained great popularity among professionals and people who frequently switch from activities that require clear and sharp vision to moments of comfort without glasses.


The company’s mission is to consolidate world leadership in the field of optics by investing in service, design, creativity and technological innovation.
Every day our team, guided by a passion for their work, exhaustively controls the entire process that leads to the creation of the glasses, from the initial materials to the finished product, guaranteeing our customers the highest technical and quality standards.
Our customer service supports our clients on a daily basis, either opticians that end customers, to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Overal Srl

CliC Eyewear is part of Overal Srl, a Made in Italy company operating in the market since 1986. In 2003 Overal Srl entered the eyewear market with CliC Eyewear, the now famous magnet glasses, a worldwide California patent. An exciting challenge and a true technological innovation. Today Overal Srl is co-owner of the brand and responsible for the entire EMEA area (Europe, Middle East, Africa).