CliC Flex glasses

The experience of CliC Classic, the original magnetic reading glasses, has given birth to a unique and universal product: CliC Flex. The Flex system is the result of a new international patent created to guarantee greater comfort and flexibility to those choosing to wear CliC Eyewear glasses.

The Flex eyewear line is inspired by New York atmosphere and features more than six models to choose from. The shaping design of the headband allows the glasses to be customised, starting a revolutionary new generation of glasses that combine adaptability, utility, comfort and originality under a unique denominator.

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Technical features

The collection, along with the countless qualities found in Classic models, offers multiple alternatives of elegant and refined shapes. CliC Flex is made of acetate polymers with 50% TR90 that ensures its pliability and, thanks to a special hypoallergenic rubber on the headband stems, is an extremely ductile and flexible eyewear that perfectly fits the wearer’s head.

These features make the reading glasses not only a must-have, but even a more durable product. The CliC Quality Guarantee covers each eyewear and offers:

  • Magnet made of neodymium, patented and safe for pacemaker wearers.
  • Nickel-free extendable stems.
  • Certified and controlled lenses.
  • CE mark to guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • Models are available for men and for women.


Comfort and convenience: CliC Flex. The rigid headband with flexible insert conforms perfectly to the physical characteristics and needs of the wearer, providing greater comfort.

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