CliC Tube glasses

CliC Tube is the best answer to the different needs that customers have manifested over the years compared to the first two types of headband of magnetic reading glasses, the Classic and the Flex.

The Tube technology presents important news on the original features of CliCs, the headband and the side rods, leaving unchanged the magnetic connection on the front.
It is a revolutionary product available in many colors and three shapes: pantos, square and executive.

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Technical Features

The Tube collection is a new CliC. It has a soft headband that you can stretch or tighten according to your head: unique in its kind, it can extend to ensure a perfect fit for all types of heads. The rods of the CliC Tube have a greater elasticity and a binary technicality that allows them to be able to stretch more than 10 cm per side.

The headband is composed of acetate polymers and 20% of TR90 that guarantees its ductility, making it resistant and extremely flexible. CliC Tube represents pure innovation. The click quality guarantee offers for each eyewear:

  • Magnet made of neodymium, patented and safe for pacemaker wearers;
  • Nickel free extendable rods;
  • Certified and controlled lenses;
  • CE mark to guarantee the highest quality standards;
  • Models are available for men and for women.


Elasticity and softness: CliC Tube. In the collection the soft headband is totally flexible and very durable. A new plus that enhances the portability of CliCs because the glasses is adaptable and wearable under any type of garment, from sports helmets to hats.