Magnetic reading glasses

For those looking for comfortable and practical magnetic reading glasses, there are the CliC models with a headband and magnet. Traditional spectacles can be uncomfortable to wear, especially for long periods. Presbyopia glasses with magnet solve this problem thanks to the practical headband that allows the glasses to be held around the neck, freeing the hands and allowing them to be put on and removed quickly and easily.

Available for both men and women, you can choose from the different CliC collections: Classic, Flex, Prestige and Tube. All models are made of high-quality materials and feature distinctive, fashionable designs that suit any look.

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Choosing the right magnetic reading glasses

CliC is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a new lens model, as it combines attractive aesthetics with the highest quality of materials: no compromises, for the benefit of eye health and a pleasant effect on the face.

If you have any doubts about how to choose the right grade of magnetic reading glasses, you can read our specific blog article. Of course, when choosing, one must be aware of what presbyopia is and know the age for presbyopia table, which indicates the most likely correction according to age. Of course, our advice is always to consult a professional and have a specialist examination.

Discover CliC’s high-quality magnetic reading glasses models

Shapes and colours match every type of face, ensuring the necessary comfort for wearing glasses all day long. State-of-the-art materials – such as TR90 Plus and eco-friendly, environmentally friendly materials – make the reading glasses high-quality and durable, without sacrificing the beauty and practicality of pure silicone stem tips.

Great attention is also paid to those with specific pathologies, for pacemaker wearers: the magnet of CliC glasses is made of neodymium, patented and safe so as not to create problems.

For men

There are many models to choose from for men’s use: for squarer face shapes and prominent jawlines, through to comfortable, wrap-around solutions for those who lead active lives or jobs where it is important to have robust but flexible spectacles. The models of reading glasses for men follow the latest fashion trends, without compromising on the high quality of the lenses and the patented clasp.

For women

Better a classic shape or a more eclectic model? Neutral or bright colours? Reading glasses for women are able to enhance the beauty of every face, bringing sharp vision and comfort when wearing glasses in everyday life as well as on special occasions. The choice is vast, adaptable to any look.

Advantages of magnet reading glasses

So that you don’t forget them, so that you don’t scratch them, so that you always have them with you, magnetic presbyopia glasses are equipped with a magnet that allows you to wear them easily around your neck and place them on your nose with a click! The material chosen for the magnet is neodymium, which is safe and patented so that the two lenses can be brought together (and pulled apart) in an instant, for infinite uses.

Buy CliC presbyopia glasses online

In a few days you can receive your favourite frame with the lenses you need at home, thanks to the easy-to-use and secure online shop. The courier will deliver your new lenses, with the possibility of shipping to UK, Europe and even outside the Old Continent.

Payment can be made via Paypal or by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, PayPal prepaid card, Postepay, Discover, American Express and Carta Aura). In addition to the guarantee of product quality, you are assured of the possibility to make returns within 10 working days of receiving the parcel; your refund will be processed accordingly.