CliC Eyewear, launches CliC Sun, the new collection dedicated to sportsmen and leisure lovers.

The new signature CliC Eyewear comes from the extraordinary technological tradition of the brand and its constant search for innovation and design in this case applied to the world of sport.

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Now available in three models, Freetime, Sport and Extreme, the glasses guarantee optimal performance at any level, combined to the maximum in terms of lightness, protection, wearability and grip. While the different types of lenses easily adapt to any activity, climate, light and visibility, being designed to always offer the best for any sport or outdoor activity.

CliC Sun are characterized by:

  • the ultra-light glasses in TR90 and nylon of great prestige resistant to all temperatures;
  • polycarbonate lenses with UV400 protection for the Extreme and Sport models, also with polarization for the Freetime model;
  • the neodymium magnet tested for resistance up to 208 km/h;
  • the headband in TR90 and soft silicone, which ensures premium portability and extreme comfort;
  • the elegant box to protect it during travel and travel.