Best reading glasses: the CliC ranking

Best reading glasses: the CliC ranking||||||

Do you need a new pair of reading glasses? You don’t have time to go to the store but want an overview of all the available models and the various differences between them? This is the right place!

Let’s take a step back. Many people over 40 find that their eyes have already lost a lot of elasticity: this means that it becomes tiring to focus on all objects that are less than a meter away, letters appear blurry when reading, and eyes have a hard time recognizing them.

In these cases, reading glasses turn out to be the perfect companion for adventures! Today CliC offers a wide range of models each having different characteristics and shapes. Let’s find out together.

CliC Classic: the first reading glasses with magnetic connection

CliC Classic is the basic line in which the brand has its roots. Available in numerous shapes and colors, the Classic collection features a rigid TR90 collar that sits comfortably on the neck.

The Executive model is also part of the Classic range, with larger frames for those who need an even wider field of view. CliC Classic is the most imitated reading glasses: always choose the quality of the original!

CliC Tube: reading glasses for all needs and all sizes

Clic Tube is the answer for those who, as often happens, are looking for a pair of glasses that can be adapted to larger heads. CliC Tube presents 2 main features:

  • The soft neckband can be stretched or tightened according to your head. One of a kind, it can stretch over 20cm and fit all heads, from XXS to XXL! Resistant, adaptable and wearable under any type of garment, from sports helmets to hats.
  • The temples of the glasses have greater elasticity and a track that allows the maximum extension of the collar depending on the desired width.

CliC Tube is available in many colors and two shapes: pantos and executive, respectively pantoscopic / rounded and rectangular.

CliC Flex: comfort and flexibility enclosed in a reading glasses

CliC Flex comes from the experience of CliC Classic, a unique and universal product. In addition to the countless qualities that can be found in the Classic collections, CliC Flex features multiple variations of shapes, elegant and refined.

The peculiarity of this eyewear is enclosed in the neckband: thanks to a special ductile and flexible hypoallergenic rubber on the side ends, CliC Flex adapts perfectly to the wearer’s head, allowing greater comfort and better wearability.

CliC Prestige: the latest evolution of reading glasses

CliC Prestige represents the perfect combination of classic and modern. Featuring an elegant rectangular front that offers a wide field of vision, CliC Prestige uses innovative materials such as the TR90 Plus, extremely resistant and non-allergic.

Furthermore, CliC Prestige stands out from the other CliC collections for the presence:

  • of the hinge, which guarantees the absence of any type of screw or metal closure;
  • extendable stems inserted in the collar with hypoallergenic metal inserts;
  • of the flex part in hypoallergenic rubber, specially made to adapt to the most varied head shapes;
  • of the soft silicone neckband, which ensures premium portability and extreme comfort.

CliC Vunetic: Made in Italy and eco-friendly reading glasses

Vunetic by CliC represents the top of the range line of the company, characterized by Made in Italy design and production, respectful of the environment thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials.

In this new collection you will find all the advantages of a CliC eyewear such as:

  • the ductile and flexible collar that allows the glasses to adapt perfectly to the wearer’s head, with embossed logo;
  • the extendable and resistant temples;
  • the magnet made of neodymium and CE patented to be able to detach and bring the two lenses together even under extreme speed.

The packaging of the entire “Made in Italy” collection respects the “eco” promise and is designed to limit the use of material as it is made from 100% recyclable plastic.

CliC Wallstreet Blue Block: the reading glasses that protects you from blue light

Thanks to the “Blue Block” lenses, CliC Wallstreet offers a valid and practical solution to the problem of blue light, a particular light emitted by LED devices and low energy consumption technological devices (such as computers, tablets, smartphones or TVs).

If not opposed, the latter could lead to serious consequences such as:

  • painful inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea;
  • damage to the eyelens (cataract);
  • damage to the retina (macular degeneration).

CliC Wallstreet is available with diopters from +0 to +3.0, is present in four brilliant colors (black, blue, gray, red) and is equipped with an XL temple to adapt to any shape of face and head to fit the perfection.

And you, which CliC do you prefer?