CliC: easy to wear reading glasses and impossible to lose

If while reading book, newspaper or magazine you notice that the images or letters become smaller and smaller and more confused, it is possible that you are showing the first symptoms of presbyopia, a physiological condition linked to the loss of elasticity of the eyes’ natural lens, making it difficult to focus closely.

Reading glasses are the cheapest and most effective solution to correct this disorder.

Are you looking for a pair of glasses? Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best shape for you.

Reading glasses: what are they for?

Commonly called “close-up glasses” or “pre-assembled glasses”, reading glasses are a useful support to facilitate vision when letters, numbers, words and images become hazy and confused, or when you need to remove an object that you are looking at to better focus it.

This is because the focus of objects is controlled by a muscle, called the ciliary muscle, which controls accommodation at a distance. If this muscle works more slowly or in an inadequate way, it will become difficult to focus on the closest objects and therefore it will be necessary to “help” the sight with adequate support.

Who can use reading glasses?

Reading glasses can be worn by those who do not have pathologies for which a visual instrument specifically made by a specialist is required. In the case of CliC Eyewear glasses, the purchase does not require a medical prescription, but it is always recommended to have an eye examination before purchasing.

CliC: the reading glasses you never lose

CliC Eyewear has revolutionized the reading glasses market, offering a practical and trendy alternative to the usual presbyopia glasses.

The patent consists in maximizing comfort when using one of the most commonly used objects, such as eyeglasses. Daily gestures such as taking them off when you stop reading, putting them down somewhere and then putting them back on involve an inconvenience that is often a source of nervousness, in addition to the fact that you often forget where they have been placed.

Instead, with a single gesture, the resistant magnet positioned on the bridge of the CliC glasses opens, dividing the front into two parts and, thanks to the comfortable neckband, the glasses can be kept on the neck without cluttering or dangling in an annoying way.

With the same naturalness and speed, when needed, all you have to do is bring the two lenses back together and put the glasses back on.

CliC is the most imitated presbyopia eyewear. This is why it is important to be careful and be wary of imitations, always choosing the quality of the original!