CliC Eyewear presents “Vunetic Tenore”: a Made in Italy and eco-friendly collection

CliC Eyewear, the world’s leading brand of magnetic connection eyewear, announces the launch of Vunetic Tenore and looks to the future with its new eco-friendly collection, promoting sustainability and attention to the environment.

Vunetic by CliC represents the top of the gamma, characterized by Made in Italy design and production, respectful of the environment thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials.

In Vunetic Tenore you can find all the advantages of a CliC eyewear:

  • ductile and flexible neckband that allows the glasses to adapt perfectly to the wearer’s head;
  • extendable and resistant stems;
  • magnet made of neodymium;
  • CE patented to be extremely speed resistant.

The “Tenore” model is available in 5 colors: black, black / tortoise, black / red, black / black clear, brown / blue. The packaging is made with 100% recyclable plastic. The POP material supplied is a cardboard display with 5 slots for the glasses. Therefore sustainability and respect for the environment are key features within the whole creation process: from production to the packaging that reaches the customer after purchase.

“Vunetic Tenore is the result of incredible teamwork, and respect for our planet without neglecting the quality, design and uniqueness of CliC products” says Massimo Maglione, President of Overal srl. “Sustainability has become a necessity in our world and as a brand we are committed to putting respect for the planet first, placing this value among the main objectives of our business”.

Vunetic eyewear is made with the finest high-strength TR90 and with an ecologically produced Nylon, using castor oil instead of petroleum. A product that has the same comfort and quality characteristics of the best plastic materials used today in the eyewear sector, but with the addition of a significant component of natural origin that contributes to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions.