Do e-book readers like the Kindle hurt your eyes?

I lettori di libri elettronici come il Kindle fanno male agli occhi? Tutta la verità||

In recent years, electronic book readers or devices like the Kindle have revolutionized the world of reading.

Amazon’s Kindle devices offer a wide variety of features and models, making reading more accessible and convenient; while on the one hand there is no shortage of enthusiasm for this new way of reading, there is a common question regarding the impact of these devices on eye health: do they hurt your eyesight?

Types of Kindles on the market

The product’s success began several years ago with the launch of the first basic Kindle that didn’t feature adjustable backlighting, causing eye strain.

Then, Paperwhite was launched which offers a sharper and more detailed reading experience thanks to the adjustable backlight and paper E-Ink technology. Oasis was then added to the Kindle range with an even more advanced backlight and also a light temperature adjustment function.

Do Kindles make your eyes tired?

To minimize eye strain while reading, it is important to consider some key factors when buying, but also know some tricks to reduce eye strain.

  • Screen resolution. A higher resolution gives you sharper, more detailed text, which can help reduce eye strain. The Paperwhite and Oasis models, both with 300 ppi resolution, offer a superior reading experience over the base model Kindle.
  • Adjustable backlight that allows you to adapt the brightness of the screen to the surrounding lighting conditions, so as to significantly reduce eye strain when reading in low light environments. The Paperwhite and Oasis models both offer this feature.
  • Take regular breaks. During prolonged reading, it is important to take breaks to allow your eyes to rest; we recommend that you follow the 20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, stop reading for 20 seconds; experts recommend during this break to try to look at a distant object so as not to strain your eyesight.
  • Keep an adequate distance. An important tip we can give you is to hold the Kindle device at an adequate distance from your eyes, usually between 40 and 70 centimeters.
  • Consult an ophthalmologist. If you experience eye strain or pain while reading, it is important to consult an eye care professional to determine if there are any underlying problems that require intervention. In case, the use of CliC glasses could be recommended which can help you solve the problem of fatigue, allowing you to read without straining your eyes too much.

Successful boom for these devices

In recent years, the phenomenon of e-readers has become increasingly widespread; the electronic device allows you to read digital books, magazines and newspapers in a comfortable and portable way. The success can also be attributed to the growing diffusion of e-books, which are books in digital format that can be easily downloaded online and have a more competitive price compared to paper models, thus allowing greater accessibility to reading and making it easier for readers to find and buy the books they want. Light and compact, they can be easily transported anywhere and in just a few centimeters they can contain hundreds of books and magazines, making them an excellent solution even for those with a small house.

The effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses

As e-readers have become a vital component of our lives. CliC Eyewear has introduced a special line of glasses with a blue light blocking action, which is of primary importance if you want to safeguard your eyesight and avoid blue light fatigue. For those with good eyesight, a neutral lens equipped with this filter may be useful, while for those with vision-related problems there are dedicated solutions.

CliC Eyewear, the eyewear brand that has revolutionized the presbyopia market and known for its attention to technological innovation as well as for the practicality of its solutions, has presented the new “Wallstreet Classic” model.

This model offers a valid and practical solution to the problem of blue light thanks to the “Blue Block” lenses, safeguarding our eyesight even during prolonged use of technological devices.

The “Wallstreet Classic” is available for diopters from +0 to +3.0, is present in four brilliant colors (black, blue, gray, red) and is equipped with an XL temple so as to adapt to any shape of face and head to fit perfectly.