Do glasses with magnets or magnetic connections hurt?

This is a question that many people ask themselves and is related to any problems that a piece of magnet eyewear or magnet can cause to the body. Let’s be clear, to avoid furthering incorrect information, we must first understand some key features.

“Do glasses with magnets or magnets hurt?” The answer is no.

As pointed out by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, “all objects or devices with low or very low strength fields (such as the magnet of the CliC eyewear) are not harmful to health.” 

All CliC glasses can be worn with confidence by the over 3 million pacemaker patients worldwide, as the patented CE neodymium magnet has no negative effect on the patient and does not affect the medical device that serves as an aid to cardiac function. The advice is to choose certified glasses, with the guarantee on the materials used and transparency on the entire production process. The advice is to choose CliC!

Having entered the eyewear sector over 20 years ago, CliC eyewear immediately proved to be a true and authentic innovation for those suffering from presbyopia, the vision disorder characterized by the gradual, progressive and irreversible loss of the ability to focus up close. 

The peculiarity of the CliC glasses, in addition to having a comfortable neckband allows the wearer to be able to keep them on the neck and use them when needed, is to open frontally thanks to the presence of a neodymium magnet positioned between the two lenses.

All CliC glasses are made with hypoallergenic materials, a feature that allows anyone to be able to use our glasses without sacrificing elegance and style. Safety always comes first. This is because, if in the past it could happen to choose eyewear without paying much attention to aesthetic taste, therefore considering only the functional value, today it is necessary to make a correct choice that enhances our vision and allows us to express our personality.

CliC Eyewear has glasses available with different shapes and colors depending on the fundamental characteristics that define our appearance such as the colors of complexion, eyes, hair and somatic features in general.

Safety, practicality and elegance are within everyone’s reach, thanks to CliC products.