Eye health: why it is important and tips to preserve it

We are increasingly immersed in an era in which digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers have become indispensable tools for people’s work and private lives.

However, the intense use of the latter can lead to “Computer Vision Syndrome” (CVS), a wide range of physical symptoms that can be felt when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or another digital device.

The most common symptoms of CVS are various and are of a visual, neurological and musculoskeletal type: we are talking about burning eyes, eyestrain, headache and neck pain due to the position of the head to fix the monitor.

Here are 3 simple tips that will help you take care of your eyes and gain a better understanding of correct visual habits.


Due to the unnatural light of digital devices, spending whole days in front of screens can cause eye strain. Among the most common effects related to excessive use of the PC, tablets, and phone there is certainly eye fatigue which manifests itself with redness and severe burning.

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Damage related to unprotected exposure from the sun can be transient such as photosensitivity, irritation and conjunctivitis or have a more serious entity with permanent repercussions such as corneal lesions or maculopathies. The Vision Defense Commission, with the patronage of the Ministry of Health, highlighted that it is essential to carefully evaluate the quality and guarantee of eyeglass lenses in order to reduce the sale of counterfeit ones that lead to serious disorders of the cornea, eyelids. and to the crystalline.

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This simple yoga technique allows you to relax your tired eyes in a short time. You rest your elbows on a table and begin to warm your palms by rubbing them against each other. After warming your palms, gently draw them close to your eyes, to cover them, but without exerting pressure. The heat and darkness allow the eye muscles to relax, leading you to reach a state of relaxation.

These are just 3 of the useful tips to keep  in mind for taking care of your eyes and concentration.

We also invite you to:

• consume large doses of vegetables;

• drink lots of water;

• get enough sleep;

• schedule breaks, especially at work, to blink and protect your eyes from dryness.