Fake Glasses: time to open your eyes


The trade in counterfeit goods is a serious social scourge for any global economy. Although in recent years we have seen a decrease in illegal trade, counterfeit products on online channels have increased exponentially.

The scammers know how to perfectly replicate all types of branded products, especially sunglasses and eyeglasses, so as to make them appear real and pass them off as the latest collections at reduced prices.

For this we recommend that you read these instructions carefully so as not to fall into the purchase of “fake originals”.

How to recognize an original pair of CliC eyewear

  • CE marking

Represented by a graphic symbol, the European Conformity Mark grants conformity of the product with all the provisions of the European Community.

These provide officality for its use from design to manufacture process including its place within the market. As pointed out by the Chamber of Commerce, the CE marking must be placed on the glasses or on the packaging in a visible, legible and indelible way thus confirming the conformity of the device.

All CliC products have the CE mark on the inside of the collar.

  • Presence of the lot number and the identification code of the patent

The originality of a CliC eyewear is recognizable by the presence inside the temples of both the production “batch” number and the patent identification code.

  • Presence of dioptric power

In the entire CliC collection you can find the exact diopter of the glasses inside the collar. The lenses allowed in pre-assembled glasses are monofocal lenses with the same nominal power in a dioptric power range from +1.00 to +3.50.

Furthermore, with the decree 26/11/04, the Dep. of Health established that the pre-assembled glasses must necessarily bear the warning, reported on a label or a sticker applied on the lenses or on the frame, indicating the NON-SUITABILITY of the product driving and use on the road (such use in fact constitutes a violation of Article 173 of the Cds).

  • Presence of the CliC logo on the neckband

 To verify the authenticity of a pair of CliCs, it is also necessary to ensure the presence of the logo in the middle of the neckband.

 In order not to fall into the vast world of online and offline counterfeiting, we recommend that you buy CliC products only

  • on the official CliC online shop, where by subscribing to the newsletter you can also receive previews, insights, discounts and a 10% welcome promo code;
  • on the official Amazon store;
  • at any opticians/official dealers that you can find in Italy and abroad.

Any CliC purchased on unofficial channels may not be original and above all not covered by warranty!