Overal launches CliC Prestige: experience and innovation enclosed in a single eyewear

 Overal Srl, the official distributor for CliC Eyewear, launches CliC Prestige, the new flagship model of world-famous eyewear with magnetic opening.

The CliC Prestige represents the latest evolution of the most famous glasses with the magnet, combining all the best features of the previous models characterized by the different headbands and a frontal magnetic opening.

The CliC Prestige is a combination of classic and modern, and the gamma is characterized by an elegant rectangular front that offers enhanced vision and innovative materials such as TR90 Plus In addition it presents a high performing system of the hinges without screws, called screwless — a new frontier of innovation. The neckband is made of two new materials: hypoallergenic Flex® adjustable rubber and soft silicone, both which offers extreme comfort, never seen before.

The CliC Prestige stands out for:

  • The hinge, which guarantees the absence of any type of screw or metal closure;
  • The newly branded extendable stems;
  • The flex part in hypoallergenic rubber, made to adapt to all head shapes;
  • The soft silicone collar, which ensures premium portability and extreme comfort;
  • Enlarged frames, which ensure extended visibility and scope.

“The launch of our top-of-the-range model is a new and exciting challenge that expresses the entrepreneurial spirit at the base of our company, even in this odd post-pandemic moment”, said Massimo Maglione, CEO of Overal Srl.

“It is a product that demonstrates how consumers no longer have to choose between style and comfort: they can wear a model with an iconic shape with all the advantages of a CliC. It is an all in one. A new frontier!”, added Simone Cinelli, Marketing Manager at Overal Srl.

The CliC logo on the extendable stems, the famous neckband and the exclusive patented CliC magnetic connection system, represent the unmistakable characteristics of the brand that are enhanced in these new models designed for those who want to keep their glasses always ready for use.

Available on the official online shop and in the best optical stores, the CliC Prestige can be purchased throughout Europe with diopters ranging from +1.50 to +3.00 and in five different colors at 99 euros.