Progressive glasses or 2 glasses: complete guide to choosing

Occhiali progressivi o 2 occhiali

In certain circumstances, you may have more needs related to correct vision; this means that different lenses are needed to correct the defects found during the eye examination.

It is precisely in this phase that we will find ourselves facing the age-old question of which glasses to order: will it be preferable to buy two pairs or focus instead on progressive models? Much will depend on the type of life you lead, your work but also your character: for example, are we talking about a methodical and tidy person or one who tends to forget objects here and there? Before making the choice, let’s start together by understanding the characteristics of the two solutions, so that we can better weigh one or the other aid.

Advantages and disadvantages of progressive glasses

This type of visual aid allows different problems to be corrected, as different dioptric foci are located within the lens structure.
The term “progressive” has become more widespread in recent years, since in previous decades there was more frequent talk of “multifocal lenses“: we are referring to the same technology, they are synonymous terms.

We can imagine each lens ideally divided into three horizontal areas:

  • the first, higher up, will be dedicated to correction for distance vision;
  • the second, central, is for intermediate distances;
  • the third, lower down, will finally be used for close-up vision.

In this way, by moving the pupils and the head, you will be able to focus according to the need of the moment. The main advantage is of a practical nature: you will have a single aid to correct multiple defects, without having to affect your daily life. Let’s imagine having to carry more glasses with us: we can’t always equip ourselves with a bag, purse or pouch.

Putting lenses in your pocket can ruin them and there is always the risk of forgetting them around. For these reasons, multifocals are providential.

However, there are sore points: it takes time to adapt to this solution, since the brain is not used to the different vision in the space of a few centimeters on the lenses. Another objection that is often raised is the cost of progressives: it’s true, the price is not low but it is compensated in terms of greater practicality.

Finally, it will be necessary to rely on an experienced and precise optician, so that he can perfectly center the foci with respect to your eye and your facial shape.

Advantages and disadvantages of having 2 glasses: vision and distance glasses

Let’s now analyze the alternative situation: using two single vision glasses.
The word itself suggests that there is a single diopter on the lens which, therefore, meets only one need: correcting near or far vision.

The main advantage is that this type of lens does not require any particular adaptability of the brain and/or eye but becomes immediately usable to the fullest.

Then there is the economic issue: they tend to cost less than multifocals and sometimes, for not excessive gradations, they can also be purchased in a pharmacy or supermarket at a very low cost.

On the other hand – as already mentioned – every time you have to carry out any task, you will have to have both glasses at hand, taking them off and putting them on repeatedly: it cannot be said that it is an entirely practical solution.

Conclusions: progressive lenses or 2 glasses are better

To choose the best combination for yourself, it will be useful to carry out a small analysis of the life you lead. If perhaps you are mainly at home, then two single vision glasses could be managed without major problems.

However, if you travel a lot or do a job that requires both reading up close and looking into the distance in just a few seconds, progressive lenses are likely to become an interesting support to consider.

There is no standard solution for everyone: it is necessary to understand how the glasses will be treated, how tidy you are to always carry them with you, if you think that the vision defects have stabilized and therefore you can invest a greater sum for greater practicality .

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