The best reading glasses for men: discover the CliC collections

The best reading glasses for men: discover the CliC collections|The best reading glasses for men: Classic|The best reading glasses for men: Flex|The best reading glasses for men: Tube|The best reading glasses for men: Vunetic|The best reading glasses for men: Prestige|The best reading glasses for men: Sterling

Many men over the age of 40 often find that they have increasing difficulty focusing on objects that are less than a meter away. In these cases, in fact, the letters seem blurred while reading, and the eyes get tired. The main cause of this ailment is presbyopia, a completely natural process.

Since sight is an essential sense to be able to carry out various daily actions, reading glasses are a tool of fundamental importance. CliC offers several models with different characteristics and shapes. Let’s see what they are.

CliC Classic

This is the very first CliC model to market reading glasses with magnetic connection. This is where the success of this brand comes from. It can be purchased in different shapes and colors and features a rigid neckband made with the innovative TR90 material. Among the variants of the Classic model there is also the Executive, which guarantees a wider field of vision. This model has been imitated by many companies: therefore, be careful and choose only the original.

CliC Flex

This model represents the perfect combination of comfort and flexibility. It was born from the success of CliC Classic, to which it adds several variants of very elegant shapes. The characteristic element of this model is contained in the neckband which, thanks to a hypoallergenic rubber insert, allows the glasses to adapt perfectly to each person’s head. This increases the qualities of comfort and wearability.

CliC Tube

This reading model adapts to every need. It is the ideal product for those looking for glasses that adapt to a large face. Compared to the other models, always characterized by a neckband and side rods, CliC Tube has some differences.

The neckband, made of soft material, can be adjusted to fit any head shape, from the smallest to the largest sizes. The rods are particularly elastic and can be extended thanks to the rail which allows you to obtain the desired width. This model can be purchased in different colors and two shapes, one rectangular and the other rounded.

CliC Vunetic

This model of CliC is considered the flagship of the company. In fact, it is a Made in Italy design eyewear with exclusively eco-sustainable materials. The supplied neckband is flexible and ductile and allows the glasses to adapt perfectly to the head. The extendable rods are made to resist shocks and stresses. The magnet on the glasses allows you to detach the lenses and reattach them quickly and naturally. The packaging is also taken care of and respects the sustainability of the product, being made of bioplastic.

CliC Prestige

This is the most advanced model of reading glasses. It presents itself as the union between classic and modern style. The front part, very wide, allows you to take advantage of a large field of vision. Prestige is made with a particular cutting-edge material, the TR90 Plus. Compared to the other models, it has a hinge that avoids the use of screws or metal fasteners, extendable rods inserted in the neckband and a Flex part made of rubber. Furthermore, the neckband is made of soft silicone, which guarantees maximum comfort.

CliC Sterling

The CliC Sterling is the first metal CliC eyewear model. The refined front enhances the meticulous attention to detail that also manifests itself on the temples, giving the model the perfect balance between elegance and modernity.

The CliC Sterling is mainly characterized by the silicone nose pads, which increase comfort by improving the support on the nose, the possibility of adjusting the pantoscopic angle and lenses.