What glasses suit your face shape? The guide

What glasses suit your face shape? The guide

If in the past it could happen to choose eyewear without paying much attention to aesthetic taste, mainly considering functionality, today it is necessary to make a correct choice that enhances our face and allows us to express our personality or our style.

But how do you understand which eyeglasses are best suited for the different types of face? Many elements come into play in the choice of glasses, but it is possible to trace general profiles starting from the shape of the face and its characteristics.

The fundamental characteristics that define our appearance, physiognomy, complexion, eyes, hair and facial features in general make us prefer one color rather than another.

Glasses are one of those accessories defined as “fashionable” that must be chosen taking into account these factors to ensure that the frame highlights the characteristics of our face. For example, for a round face the most appropriate choice is to opt for a rectangular frame to uniformly follow the width of the face. With a rectangular face, however, the shape that suits you best is round or rectangular with high lenses.

Are you looking for a pair of glasses? Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best shape for you.  At the end of the article, take a look at our original CliC glasses, the famous glasses with magnetic connection, practical and resistant.

Glasses for round face

The facial features are:

  • Soft and delicate contours
  • Rounded jaw and chin
  • Broad forehead
  • Pronounced cheekbones

Those with a round face need to give the face a structure and can do it with a particular model with a square / rectangular shape or a cat-eye frame (with elongated and accentuated tips) that highlights the look. The important thing is to break a balance with eyewear that gives movement thanks to discrete and thin frames or even wider to give a more defined outline.

Glasses for square face

The facial features are:

  • Marked facial outlines
  • Slightly sharp jaw
  • Pronounced chin with a slight curve and high cheekbones

A square face already expresses a great personality. For this reason the shape of the glasses must be useful to make the hard features of an angular face softer and for this reason you can focus on oval or rounded frames. High cheekbones make you prefer glasses with small lenses over those with wide lenses, avoiding very wide frames.

Glasses for long face

The facial features are:

  • Face with strong edges, high forehead and chin extended downwards
  • High and geometric cheekbones, with often sunken cheeks
  • The lower part of the face is longer than the upper part
  • The measurement of the distance between the cheekbones is less than that from the hairline to the chin
  • Great distance between chin and forehead, with “sharp” edges

For a long face, therefore, it is preferable to choose oval glasses, to soften the sharpest points. If your face is not too small you can also try a fairly thick frame but if the face is small it is better to opt for a thin frame. Rounded lines always work better than too square ones, because this type of face has flat cheekbones and needs elements of softness.

Glasses for heart-shaped face

The facial features are:

  • Quite pronounced contours
  • Broad forehead
  • High and pronounced cheekbones
  • Pointed jaw

In the case of a heart-shaped face, the advice is to lighten the pronounced features of the lower part of the face a little with a rather soft shape of glasses to make the face appear sweeter. The most suitable choice is the one that leads to frames that are not too flashy (oval or round, thin).

Being a face that develops in height, there is enough space to accommodate a medium-high lens (for example, “cat” glasses are among the favorite shapes for women).

Glasses for triangle face

The facial features are:

  • Face with angular features
  • Jaw wider than cheekbones
  • The lower part of the face is longer than the upper part

An oval face with a slightly more pronounced chin is enhanced by a pair of glasses with a rounded shape, which softens the facial features. But it could also give you a squarer shape if your chin is long but round. The shape and proportions are reminiscent of an oval face but with more pronounced cheekbones: suitable for this face shape are also the rimless glasses that enhance the facial features without changing the proportions.

Glasses for oval face

The facial features are:

  • Face with soft and harmonious contours
  • Front wider than the jaw (which in this case is more rounded)
  • High cheekbones
  • The lower part of the face is slightly longer than the upper part

An oval-shaped face is generally well proportioned, and the person has no problem choosing the frame, being the most harmonious of the face shapes.

In any case, very thin frames are to be avoided, while rectangular ones are preferred. If you choose frames with straight edges or with angled shapes, the face takes on a stronger and more determined appearance.

Eyeglasses are a real travel companion. After carrying out the eye examination by the optician, it is important to choose the right eyewear because look, personality, and desire to appear are fine. But the most important thing is to feel comfortable!

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